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    Q: What is included in the rental price for a unit?                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    A: The rental fee includes all items on the checklist, and sheets for all matresses. Motorhomes include first set of tank chemicals and 850km/week. All units come with filled up fresh water tanks upon request only.


    Q: Do I have the option to tow the Trailer or do I have to have it delivered by you?

    A: We do not have any U-Tow unit available for the 2015 season.


    Q: What is your delivery time?

    A: Delivery time is between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm. We can not be anymore specific about delivery time until the morning of your vacation, when we have planned our route.


    Q: Do I have to be there for delivery or pick up of the unit?

    A: No, you do not have to be there. Our units have an instruction booklet inside that you can refer to for most “how to” questions.


    Q: If I have the unit delivered can I move it to a different camp site if I stay on the same campground?

    A: No, you may not move the unit.


    Q: When you deliver the unit do you set the unit up ?

    A: Yes, our delivery personal will level out the unit, hook up the sewer hose, electricity, and water hose. Due to potential damage done to the awning, we will only open it if you are present.


    Q: Can I keep the unit longer then I booked it for or return it sooner?

    A: Customers who wish to extend their stay must call us to see if it is available. Customers who fail to call us, to request permission, will be charged for the extra days. At our discretion, we will report the unit missing. If you wish to depart earlier, please let us know so arrangements can be made to pick up the unit. Customers are liable for the unit until pick up.


    Q: What do I have to do before returning the unit?

    A: Units should be returned clean and tanks must be drained and rinsed. Motorhome customers, please ensure that the gasoline tank and propane is full as it was upon receiving the unit. Each unit contains a booklet with cleaning instructions.


    Q: Do I need to clean the unit before it is returned?

    A: Units should be clean. Please ensure that the dishes are clean, and the floor is swept.


    Q: Do I have to wash the sheets or bedding and towels if ordered?

    A: We ask our customers not to wash our linens. This can result in discoloration of certain items, that will then no longer match the rest


    Q: What will we have to consider if we are staying at a campground that does not have water, power, or sewer hook-ups?

    A: There are a number of things you need to be aware of if you are camping without hook-ups.

    Water: We will fill up the water tank before shipping out the unit. Most trailers have a water tank with 30 – 40 gallons capacity. Smaller units have smaller tanks.
    Even though provincial campgrounds don’t have water hook ups at every site, some campgrounds have taps located throughout the parks. Many people fill up a suitable container and pour that into the fresh water tank. In order to make use of this water, you need to be able to run the water pump, which requires battery power.

    Power: The only power that you will have is what your RV battery provides you. It is a 12V battery and could last for up to 2-3 days. Even with regular maintenance and replacement, as a company we do not take any responsibility for the life of the battery.
    Even if it lasts only hours. Once the Battery is empty, you will not be able to use the fridge/freezer, any lights, fans, furnace, water heater and water pump, including the toilet flush.
    You are only able to use the oven and stove. Customers are welcome to phone us ahead of time, and if we have any spare batteries may come and exchange them at our location. This is a free option. Arrangements and travel are the customers responsibility.
    We also rent generators at $30.00 / day. A generator will recharge the battery, as well as provide you with 15 amp and 30 amp power (outlets and A/C).

    Sewer: Your unit has two waste water tanks to collect from the toilet (black tank) and sink / shower (grey tank) The tank capacity varies depending on the trailer size.
    Without hook up you will not be able to empty out your waste water tanks. If tanks are used we will empty them for a $40 fee. There will be an extra fee if waste water is allowed to back up into the shower tub. If you think that you will be filling up more than one tank we offer a portable sewage tank for rent at $40.00 a week.